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Date Favorited
Feature Films
by Roger Corman
eye 23,384
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Seymour Krelboin is a hapless sap working in a skid row flower shop. He loves coworker Audrey Fulquard, but is close to losing his job. Luckily, he discovers a new plant, and brings the sickly specimen to work, which impresses both Audrey and his boss, Gravis Mushnick. Mushnick makes Seymour's job contingent on the survival of the plant. While Seymour works on this, he discovers the plant responds to blood. Oh, and it talks! It tells him it needs more blood to thrive, and Seymour sets about the...
favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 2 reviews )
Topics: Comedy, Horror
Feature Films
by Stanley Kramer
eye 343,127
favorite 88
comment 18
From: IMDb : France, 1640: Cyrano, the charismatic swordsman-poet with the absurd nose, hopelessly loves the beauteous Roxane; she, in turn, confesses to Cyrano her love for the handsome but tongue-tied Christian. The chivalrous Cyrano sets up with Christian an innocent deception, with tragic results. Much cut from the play, but dialogue not rewritten.
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 18 reviews )
Topic: Drama
Sci-Fi / Horror
by Lindsley Parsons
eye 85,623
favorite 29
comment 9
Three men in a plane searching the Caribbean for a missing admiral crash-land on an island where voodoo is practiced and zombies roam. They soon find a mansion occupied by a family of Austrian refugees, headed by Dr. Sangre. Dr. Sangre is up to no good, and when he learns of the men's mission they begin to disappear. Stars: Dick Purcell, Joan Woodbury, and Mantan Moreland IMDb Page Wikipedia Page The 688MB MPEG4 file was derived from the 3.1GB MPEG2 found on this page to provide a smaller,...
favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 9 reviews )
Topics: Comedy, Mystery, Horror, Zombies, Voodoo
Sci-Fi / Horror
by Lindsley Parsons
eye 71,468
favorite 77
comment 22
A plane flying to the Bahamas gets blown off course and crashes on the island of the mysterious Dr. Sangare. Jefferson Jackson (Mantan Moreland) tries to warn his fellow survivors that the island's haunted but they all soon learn there's more going on than they initially supposed... Find out more about this movie on its IMDB page .
favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 22 reviews )
Topics: zombies, voodoo, Mantan Moreland, horror, pdmovies
Sci-Fi / Horror
by Ben Arbeid
eye 222,234
favorite 164
comment 25
College student Nan Barlow visits the village of Whitewood as research for her paper on witchcraft in New England, particularly the case of Elizabeth Selwyn. Her tutor, Professor Alan Driscoll(Lee), recommends the Raven's Inn, run by a Mrs. Newless. Rather unwisely, given the amount of low-hanging fog outside(and against the advice of Mrs. Newless), Nan takes an immediate interest in the basement... You can find more information regarding this film on its IMDb page .
favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 25 reviews )
Topics: Horror, Witchcraft, Christopher Lee, 1960s